AXS Series Info

Everything you need to know

AXS Racing. What is it all about?

Race the entire course either as a Solo Athlete or as a team of Two.

Racers will travel an unmarked course by plotting the checkpoint locations using UTM coordinates and maps provided. You can view a UTM tutorial from our “Plotting Your Map” page. Each race has different disciplines which will include some or all of the following: Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Trail Run/Trek, Rappel, Tyrolean, Orienteering/Navigation, Riverboarding, Skate/Scooter (See each venue for race specific disciplines). Solo & 2 Person Teams race the entire course together….it is not a relay.

Regardless of whether you are an elite athlete or simply an aspiring one, the Adventure Xstream series is designed to be not only challenging but more importantly FUN. Over 95% of entrants finish the FULL course, so don’t be too intimidated, YOU CAN DO IT! Each venue may have different course lengths available so check the race venues for which course options are offered. The courses will change from year to year at each venue, as well as the course options. Below are the general lengths and difficulties for each race/course.

Every year we have different Course Lengths & Approximate Finish Times. Here are the various courses offered:

  • “Sprint”- (~30 miles) – Winning times in about ~2-3 hours. Average finishers 4-5 hours. 6hrs back of the pack.
  • “Sport” – (~50 miles) – Winning times in about ~5-6 hours. Average finishers 7-9 hours. 10-12hrs for back of the pack.
  • “Adventure”- (~75-100+ miles) – Winning times in ~18-20 hours, with most teams finishing in 24-30 hours.
  • “Expedition” – (~250-300+ miles) – Multi-day Expedition Adventure Race.

Race Divisions

We encourage you to come and race with as many friends as you want; 1,2,3,4,5+ people, totally up to you. You can all stay together throughout the race, if you wish. But, you can only register as a 2 person, Solo or Duathlon racer and rankings/prizes will be awarded in those divisions only.

  • Solo Male
  • Solo Female
  • Duathlon (Solo)
  • 2 Person Coed
  • 2 Person Male
  • 2 Person Female

2017 Prizes

So, what do you get as a participant in the Adventure Xstream Series? Your entry fee is mainly to cover the cost of producing the event; permit fees, medical support, participant insurance, Tandem kayaks, etc…

But you will also receive:

  • 1st-3rd place prizes will be awarded in each division and/or 2 Person Overall*
  • Event Finisher Medals
  • Performance Tandem Kayaks are provided for 2 Person Teams
  • Zorrel Performance Wicking Event T-shirt
  • Finish Line Food & Drinks

Prizes for each race:

Sport Race (~50mi)
Duathlon M&F Solo’s M&F 2 Person Division 2 Person Overall
1st $150.00  $175.00  $350.00 $350.00
2nd $100.00  $125.00  $250.00 $250.00
3rd $75.00  $100.00  $200.00 $200.00
Sprint Race (~25mi) Duathlon Solo’s M&F  2 Person Division 2 Person Overall
1st NA $100.00  $200.00 NA
2nd NA $75.00  $150.00 NA
3rd NA $50.00  $100.00 NA
  • Prize vouchers for Solo’s and 2 Person Divisions are awarded as AXS race vouchers good for any future Adventure Xstream race. A minimum of 12 teams required in each division or prize vouchers will be pro-rated. No prize vouchers will be awarded unless there are a minimum of 7 teams racing in a division.  Vouchers carry no cash value.
  • 2 Person Overall – All 2 Person “Sport” Course Divisions are awarded as AXS race vouchers and will guaranteed, regardless of attendance. Overall prize supersedes Division prizes, you don’t get both. Or, if Division prize is greater you can choose Division prize over Overall prize.
  • Moab Epic MTB prizes are different. Please visit


Finishing & Ranking

Our philosophy is that if you are out there giving it your all, then we certainly are not going to rank you as a DNF. Even If you only make it to CP1 you will still be ranked. You will simply be ranked behind any team who gets further along in the course.

For most of our events there will be certain checkpoints that have mandatory cut-off times with alternate course options. Teams who miss these cut-off times or who voluntarily skip a section of the race will still be ranked, but behind teams who finish all or more of the course as outlined for the event.

Note: Each race varies slightly in difficulty, and each venue will vary from year to year too. You can check the previous years results to get a feel for times of racers. On average 90+% of the participants finish the full course.