AXS Buena Vista - Sprint, Sport & Duathlon Courses

May 30th, 2015 - Buena Vista, CO

The second stop in the series is Buena Vista Colorado. The name says it all! With the collegiate peaks as the backdrop this venue does not disappoint. Fantastic class II whitewater paddling. Fun for advanced paddlers and novices alike. Great mountain biking on jeep roads and some fun and fast single track. A spectacular ropes course to boot! Come join us in Buena Vista!

Whitewater paddling on the class II Arkansas River.

A spectacular ropes section! (12hr)

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Mountain biking on Single Track & Jeep Trails.

Race Details

Race Date:
May 30th
Racer Check-in:
Friday 6-9pm – At BV Community Center, 715 East Main
Racer Start Time:
Saturday 8:00am (tentative)
  • Sport Course – 50+ miles (6-12hrs) – Mtn Bike, Kayak, Trail Run, Orienteering, Ropes (Tyrolean or Rappel TBD).
  • Adventure Duathlon - 50+ miles (6-12hrs)  – Mtn Bike,  Trail Run, Orienteering, Ropes (Tyrolean or Rappel TBD).
  • Sprint Course – 25+ miles (3-6hr) – Mtn Bike, Trail Run, Kayak, Navigation


New this year is the Adventure Duathlon Course. Solo male and female racers will race approximately the same course, but skipping the paddle section. Same great adventure course with mountain biking, trail running, ropes and orienteering. You will still plot the course and use your map and navigation skills, but you will skip the paddle.

Sport Divisions:
  • Solo Male
  • Solo Female
  • 2 Person Coed
  • 2 Person Male
  • 2 Person Female
  • 4 Person Coed
  • 4 Person Relay
Duathlon Divisions:
  • Solo Male
  • Solo Female
Sprint Divisions:
  • Solo Male
  • Solo Female
  • 2 Person Coed
  • 2 Person Male
  • 2 Person Female
  • Solo & Teams = Team Gear Drop, or Team Support Crew.
  • 4 Person Relay =  Team Vehicle Support
  • Adventure Duathlon = No gear drop and no support crews. You will race with all of your gear for the entire course.
Must be 18+, or 15+ if you race with a parent or guardian.
Tandem inflatable kayaks are provided for 2 and 4 person teams. Solo racers provide your own boat of choice.
Registration Now Open Click Here: (Register Early and Save!)

Registration Fee Per Person March 31st April 30th
May 15th
Sport (6-12hr) $175.00 $185.00 $195.00
Adventure Duathlon (6-12hr) $150.00 $160.00 $175.00
4 Person Relay (6-12hr) $95.00 $115.00 $125.00
Sprint (3-6hr) $95.00 $115.00 $125.00
Post Race Meal:
Finishers will be greeted at the finish line with a post race meal.
Racer To Do List:

Gear List


Preliminary and subject to change

Required Gear for each leg of the race = “X”
Mtn Bike Running Kayaking Ropes
Mountain Bike X
Bike Helmet X X
Life Vest (Type III or better) X
Kayak Paddle X
Kayak* (Tandems provided – Solo racers provide their own) X
Two – 1 Foot Commercially Sewn Slings (or quickdraws) – 12hr Only X X
Climbing Harness – 12hr Only X X
2 Locking Carabiners – 12hr Only X X
Hydration System – Enough for each leg. X X X X
Emergency Space Blanket X X X X
Compass – 12hr only (Orienteering section) X
Cell Phone in water proof container (1 per team) X X X X
AXS provided Passport/Guidebook (1 per team) X X X X


This gear list along with the gear drop information provided in the race updates will give you an idea of how to plan for the race. Certain gear is required for multiple legs of the race (ie: there is not necessarily a gear drop at each transition area). Complete details are disclosed at racer check-in. Once you see the maps and plot the race your gear logistics will all come together.

* Kayaks – Tandem Inflatable Kayaks are provided for 2 person and 4 person teams and are mandatory. Solo racers must provide their own solo kayak of choice. Solo rentals are available from local outfitters or directly from us: Rent from us HERE.

Duathlon racers do not need the kayaking gear.


The mandatory gear is the minimum required and subject to penalties if you don’t have those items. You will certainly need additional gear to get you through the race. Here are additional highly recommended items:

  • Backpack/Camelback
  • Food & Water
  • Paddle Jacket/Pants or Wetsuit
  • Rain Gear & Layering cloths
  • Bike Tools / Tubes / Pump / Multi-Tool
  • Compass
  • Lighter
  • Gloves for Rappel & Bike
  • Head Lamp (Just in case)
  • Dry Bag for Maps/Gear
  • Survival Mirror
  • Whistle
  • Knife
  • First Aid Kit

Come prepared for all weather conditions. You are ultimately responsible for your own safety.

Race Updates

Relay Info

The relay option is for 4 person teams only (12hr course only). Here are the rules:

  • The Buena Vista race will be divided into 6 legs.
  • Any 2 members of each team will be on the course at any given time. It is entirely up to you which 2 team members do each leg of the race.
  • Teams may only swap out team members at the designated transition areas.
  • 4 person teams must have 1 vehicle that will transport the other two team members and required gear to the transition areas of the event.
  • A 4×4 vehicle is not required for the Buena Vista race.

12hr Course – Leg #1 – Trail Running

AXS Adventure Xstream Adventure Race - Trail Running Section  - Colorado

12hr Course – Leg #2 – Kayaking Class II Whitewater

AXS Adventure Xstream Adventure Race - Kayaking Section  - Colorado

12hr Course – Leg #3 – Mountain Biking & Tyrolean or Rappel TBD

12hr Course – Leg #4 – Mountain Biking

12hr Course – Leg #5 – Orienteering

12hr Course – Leg #6 – Mountain Biking

Sprint Course – Leg #1 – Trail Running

AXS Adventure Xstream Adventure Race - Trail Running Section  - Colorado

Sprint Course – Leg #2 – Kayaking Class I&II Whitewater


Sprint Course – Leg #3 – Mountain Biking


*Disciplines, Distance  and Difficulty subject to change at any time. AXS Adventure Xstream Adventure Race – Colorado