AXS Virtual Race Training

Always wanted to do an Adventure Race but weren’t quite sure what you were getting yourself into? Then the AXS Virtual Race Training is your first step. Experience what a race is like, plot your UTM coordinates, choose your route, and plan just as you would for a real event.

Find out what AR is all about, on your own time!

Get ready for your first event.

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Train & Practice on a Virtual Course.


The AXS Virtual Race Training exercise is just what you need to get started in Adventure Racing. Use the training exercise as a way to experience the atmosphere and logistics of what an adventure race is like. Practice your UTM plotting, strategize your route, plan the logistics of your Transitions, and have fun training for your next event. Currently we have one AXS Virtual Race Training Course for Boulder, CO. We will add more locations in the future.

Tip: For more experienced athletes wanting extra training miles, plot a course that doesn’t get you to the CP’s via the shortest route.

This training program is free! We just ask that you “Like” or “Share” us on Facebook and help spread the word.

Download the AXS Virtual Race Training (Right Click to Save/Download)



Training Stipulations: AXS Virtual Race Training is not an organized event. It is a simulated training exercise whereby you can experience the atmosphere and logistics of what an adventure race is like. This training exercise is to be done on your own time, and at your own risk. By downloading or training with the Virtual Race Training materials you agree to defend and hold harmless Gravity Play Sports, LLC from all legal claims. You agree not to sue Gravity Play Sports, LLC. You agree to abide by all laws and rules that pertain to the landowners through which you will travel, and that you will not travel on private property, or go off trails or roads. Trails, roads or waterways may be closed or restricted at any given time due to maintenance, construction, weather or other reasons. You agree not to travel in areas that are closed, restricted or dangerous. You agree to exercise caution and safety for yourself and to others around you. You agree to wear appropriate safety equipment; including but not limited to a Bike Helmet, PFD (Life Vest), and appropriate clothing for any/all weather conditions. You are entirely responsible for your own safety and the safety of those around you. All exercise activities should be done only if approved by your doctor.